Very low noise cryogenic receivers and measurement electronics

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The purpose of this thesis was to develop very low noise cryogenic receivers and related high accuracy measurement setups to validate the operation of the receivers. Different types of cryogenic noise measurement setups were developed and compared. The noise measurement accuracy was improved for cryogenic temperatures at millimeter wave frequencies. A demonstrator was built for the continuous comparator receiver topology at millimeter waves. Measurement equipment were constructed to validate the receiver operation. Finally, an integrated 70 GHz continuous comparator receiver was built and suitable measurement tools were developed to ensure proper spacecraft operation. Individual cryogenic amplifiers showed the best noise and gain results at the time of measurement. The noise temperature of the 20 K physical temperature split block mounted amplifiers was -30 K, very close to its physical limits. The demonstrator receiver measurements expanded the knowledge of operation of continuous comparator millimeter wave receivers. A noise temperature of 40 K was measured for the demonstrator receiver, providing 1⁄f-knee frequencies lower than 10 mHz. The receiver topology was verified at 70 GHz with high stability at cryogenic temperatures. The integrated receiver was measured to have noise temperature of 30 K and a 1⁄f-knee frequency lower than 50 mHz. The integrated receiver was developed for the Elegant Bread Board (EBB) receiver in ESA's Planck Project. The required measurement equipment and facilities were built for spacecraft payload simulation. A large cryogenic chamber and cooling system were also designed and constructed for testing.
noise measurement, measurement electronics, cryogenic, millimeter wave, receiver
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