Measuring End-user Developers’ Episodic Experience of a Low-code Development Platform A Preliminary Study

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E-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, Volume 18, issue 1
Background: As low-code development platforms (LCDPs) are becoming a trend, understanding how end-user developers think and feel as they work with such platforms is important. Particularly, assessing experiences during episodes of use can contribute to overall experience throughout long-term use. Aim: This paper aims to understand end-user developers’ episodic experience when they are building an application on a low-code platform and to provide guidance on how such experiences can be measured. Method: We designed the Episodic Developer Experience Questionnaire for LCDPs based on prior literature and refined it through expert Delphi sessions. The instrument contains 10 individual experience items, capturing various aspects of episodic experience. We further validated it through remote online tests on an LCDP. Results: The results showed significant differences in the relationships between items describing aspects of overall experience and items describing perceptions of tool quality and task difficulty. Programming expertise also affected end-user developers’ episodic experience. Conclusion: The study illustrates the design of questionnaire-based experience assessment in the context of development and identifies the importance of separating personal experience from assessment of tasks and tools since tool quality and task difficulty do not necessarily influence experience straightforwardly.
Publisher Copyright: © 2024 The Authors. Published by Wrocław University of Science and Technology Publishing House.
developer experience, episodic experience, experience measurement, human-computer interaction, low-code development platforms, software engineering
Other note
Gao, D & Fagerholm, F 2024, ' Measuring End-user Developers’ Episodic Experience of a Low-code Development Platform A Preliminary Study ', E-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, vol. 18, no. 1, 240105 .