Insight into open source business intelligence: A developed and developing country perspective

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Perustieteiden korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
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Service Design and Engineering
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Computer Science and Engineering
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Open source business intelligence (OSBI) is gaining popularity in the information system sector. It has a lot of usefulness when used by businesses and therefore making it a perfect alternative to proprietary or commercial BI solutions. However despite its enormous benefits it mostly not seen as an option by businesses seeking to use such software solutions. Many of these companies still rely heavily on proprietary solutions or do not use BI at all. The high cost of proprietary solutions coupled with its heaviness of the hardware required to implement them should have made OSBI the obvious choice but the opposite is the truth. Therefore this research was undertaken to find out the reasons why OSBI usage is abysmal compared to proprietary BI solutions and try to see if there is a disparity between developed and developing countries usage. The assumption was to ascertain if consideration of open source BI as part of organizational IT strategy has something to do with the research problem and also to understand why proprietary BI is chosen over open source BI. Also the value of OSBI to organizations will be evaluated whiles checking the adequacy of planning by these organizations before using such solutions. Using a literature review coupled with a survey it was found out that most of the companies do not consider open source BI in their organizational strategy. There was minimal planning prior to adopting any BI solution. Though OSBI is believed to be good compared to proprietary BI most organizations think it lacks support and is plagued with legal issues and therefore they prefer proprietary solution.
Saikkonen, Heikki
Thesis advisor
Helenius, Mika
business intelligence, open source, proprietary business intelligence, commercial business intelligence, strategy
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