Evaluation and measurement of strategic corporate communications

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School of Business | Master's thesis
International Business Communication
International Business Communication
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The objective of this study was to investigate the role of strategic corporate communication and the role of evaluation and measuring in strategic communication in large international organizations in Finland. The study aimed to answer the main research question: What is the role of evaluation in strategic communication today? The main research question was answered by posing three sub-questions: (1) What is the role of strategy in communications? (2) How are goals set for communications? (3) How do companies evaluate their communications? Twelve semi-structured interviews were conducted among ten communication directors and two communication managers. The communication directors represented Finnish companies operating internationally, and the communication managers represented international companies operating in Finland. All interviewees had extensive working experience in strategic leading positions in large organizations, and majority also in communications. The companies represented different fields of business. The research findings indicated that the role of evaluation in strategic communication today varies in large organizations. The findings indicate that there is mutual understanding of the role of strategy in communications: the purpose of communications is to support the execution of business strategy. Thus it is vital for communications to understand the business. The goals of communications were based on business goals, but their adaptation for communications varied a lot and related to how well they were remembered. Furthermore, the findings showed that there is a lack of common ground and tradition in the field communication evaluation. The communication professionals felt that they had to justify the existence and need for resources as well as demonstrate the effect communications has on business success. There is a large amount of evaluation tools and methods, but too little knowledge and time to focus on choosing the correct ones for the purposes. Evaluation of communications needs to be better linked to communication and corporate goals in order for them to contribute to the business success.
International business communication, business strategy, communication strategy, goal setting, evaluation, measuring, Kansainvälinen yritysviestintä, yritysstrategia, viestintästrategia, tavoitteiden asetus, arviointi, mittaaminen
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