Bit Bang 4: Future of internet - Societal, business, governance and technological aspects

dc.contributorAalto Universityen
dc.contributor.authorNeuvo, Yrjö (ed.)
dc.contributor.authorKarvonen, Elina (ed.)
dc.contributor.labMultidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation and Energy (MIDE)
dc.description.abstractBit Bang – Future of the Internet: Societal, business, governance and technological aspects was the fourth multidisciplinary post-graduate course for doctoral students at Aalto University. Altogether 24 students were selected from five Aalto University Schools: School of Arts, Design and Architecture; School of Economics; School of Electrical Engineering; School of Engineering; and School of Science. Bit Bang is part of the MIDE (Multidisciplinary Institute of Digitalisation and Energy) research program, which the Helsinki University of Technology started as part of its centennial celebration of university education and research. Professor Yrjö Neuvo, MIDE program leader, Nokia’s former Chief Technology Officer, is the force behind this course. The essential learning aims of the course were teamwork, multidisciplinary collaboration, global perspective, industry and business foresight, and scenario building. The passing the Bit Bang course required active attendance at the lectures and seminars as well as writing this joint publication based on the autumn and spring group works. The texts were written by doctoral students presenting their views. During the academic year 2011–2012, the doctoral students discussed the societal, business, governance and technological phenomena that might affect the future development of the Internet. During the autumn semester, the students produced reports on the following four topics: Are We All Criminals?, Back to the Future – Prediction of incremental and disruptive innovations, From Democratizing Innovation to Innovating Democracy, and Proliferation of the Crowdsourcing Phenomenon. The textbooks for the autumn semester were the previous Bit Bang publications (I-III) and Wireless Foresight – Scenarios of the mobile world in 2015 by Bo Karlson et al.(2003). Distinguished guest lecturers from industry and academia complemented the textbook material. The spring teamwork topics were: Internet, Find Me a Job!, Gamification of Life: The rise of gaming and its effects on society, How to Control the Internet? – A complexity perspective, and Education Reloaded: From Socrates to Udacity. The textbook for the spring semester was Born Digital – Understanding the first generation of digital natives by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser (2008). In addition to the lectures and textbooks, the Bit Bang group made an intensive study tour to Tokyo, Japan. To complement the themes discussed in the reports, the groups also produced short scenarios of the future in the 2020s. As a result, the second part of this book introduces four scenarios – Internet, find me a cure; High Tech Nationalism; Internet Kindergarten; and Trader’s Network – with innovative and eye-opening approaches to the future.en
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dc.titleBit Bang 4: Future of internet - Societal, business, governance and technological aspectsen
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