Integration of scicos with the engine control system, UNIC

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School of Chemical Engineering | Master's thesis
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This thesis utilizes model based software development and automatic code generation to develop an embedded control application module in a free open-source, ScicosLab environment, and investigates the possibility of integrating the application module together with the Wärtsilä UNIC Engine Control System. The literature part presents the background of the Scilab and ScicosLab software environments and introduces ScicosLab as a viable open-source alternative to MATLAB for numerical computations. This part provides an introduction to modelling and simulation in the Scicos environment illustrated using a simple example. The literature part concludes by briefly discussing the key automation system components of UNIC. The experimental part of this thesis focuses on methods and know-how required for end to-end development of an embedded application module (PFI control) in the Scicos environment and generating executable C-code using the Scicos-FLEX code generator. It performs a comparative analysis of the code generated by Scicos and Simulink. A method is proposed for developing a new UNIC-specific Scicos-custom block exemplified by developing a UNIC system assessor block. Similar approach is applied to develop other UNIC specific custom blocks in Scicos enabling the development of the PFI control module. The source code of the Scicos-FLEX code generator was modified for newly developed custom blocks. The positive outcome of the thesis was successfully achieving the goal of modelling, executable C-code generation, compiling and uploading of the PFI control module on UNIC. It was concluded that a better code generator is required with malloc-free code generation, a function in-lining functionality, elimination of function calls and optimized code generation for embedded systems. However, on-going improvements and developments in the Java-based Scilab version offer a promising open-source alternative to MATLAB for industrial applications.
Jämsä-Jounela, Sirkka-Liisa
Thesis advisor
Saikkonen, Ari
scicoslab, scicos, embedded systems, open-source, engine control
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