CFD modeling of the multiphase flow in an SKS furnace—The effect of melt density and viscosity

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Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, Volume 14
A previously reported numerical method using the multi-fluid VOF model to simulate an SKS furnace multiphase flow was further verified to provide a good reference for the macroscopic flow field simulation of industrial vessels with similar geometry. Using the verified numerical model, CFD simulation of a full-scale SKS furnace multiphase flow was conducted, targeting the agitation performance with different melt densities and viscosities, under constant furnace operating conditions. According to this simulation, the melt density and viscosity in a common applied range in industry is not able to significantly affect the bath agitation efficiency like other parameters, such as the tuyere diameter and bath depth. More specifically, the results indicate that an increased melt density or viscosity slightly weakens the melt flow motion, and increases the wall shear stress. Since variation in melt density and viscosity is common in industry, the results from this simulation offer a good basis for the estimation of SKS furnace operating performance and the adjustment of the physical properties of the melt in SKS furnaces or other similar industrial vessels.
The authors are grateful to Fupeng Liu and Yanxin Wu for their density and viscosity measurements at Henan Yuguang Gold Lead Company Limited. This work was supported by the China Scholarship Council , and the Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering . Publisher Copyright: © 2023 The Author(s)
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Song , K & Jokilaakso , A 2023 , ' CFD modeling of the multiphase flow in an SKS furnace—The effect of melt density and viscosity ' , Chemical Engineering Journal Advances , vol. 14 , 100496 .