The impact of website design on e-loyalty through customers’ trust and satisfaction

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School of Business | Bachelor's thesis
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The e-commerce field has increased continuously in the past years. There is a wider range of choices for the customers because e-commerce platforms are accessible from all over the world. Therefore, it is vital nowadays to have a website platform that provides a positive customer experience. It has been recognized in the earlier research that customers’ trust and satisfaction are crucial for e-commerce growth. This thesis investigates through a literature review the critical and the most important website design elements, Information Design (ID), Navigation Design (ND), and Visual Design (VD), which improve customers’ trust and satisfaction. The thesis also evaluates the relationship between trust and satisfaction to customers’ e-loyalty, both together and as separately. This thesis confirms the relationship between website design elements to trust and satisfaction but also to e-loyalty. However, finding the differences between the importance of the different website design elements but also their various influences to trust and satisfaction. Information Design and Navigation Design elements have a more important influence on satisfaction than Visual Design elements have. Another finding was the relationship between satisfaction and trust. These findings will eventually influence customers’ e-loyalty. This thesis provides support especially to e-commerce vendors when creating or improving the website. There are earlier studies related to this topic, however, especially Visual Design needs further investigation. In addition, the relationship between satisfaction and trust needs more investigation in the future.
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Bragge, Johanna
website design, trust, satisfaction, e-loyalty, e-commerce
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