Mobile information system adoption and use: beliefs and attitudes in mobile context

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During the last decades scholars and practitioners have been interested in the reasons why users either accept or reject Information Systems (IS). Users' perceptions of information technology have mainly been studied from acceptance, success, or usability perspectives. Although these research approaches have provided valuable information, they all have a limited view. Thus, there is a need for an integrated framework that fulfills the gaps between different approaches. In this study the acceptance and use of mobile systems are analyzed by combining the results of different disciplines. The main result of the study is a new model for Mobile IS Adoption and Use (MISAU). It integrates the elements of technology acceptance, information system success, and usability studies into a single model. As information system acceptance must always be analyzed in context of use, MISAU is based on the mobile service supply chain. The main differences between stationary and mobile systems can be found in network performance and usability of mobile devices. MISAU serves as a framework for case studies in which the effects of these special characteristics on users' perceptions are analyzed. The results of the study indicate that the ever-increasing transmission speeds of mobile networks are not alone adequate to increase the use of mobile services. Perceived quality of service is an outcome of multiple factors. The successful implementation of a mobile IS requires high quality in all elements of service supply chain (i.e. end-user devices, networks, and services). The small size of mobile devices is a serious threat to usability - especially to text entry and navigation within an application. Further studies are still needed in these sectors.
mobile devices, mobile information systems, usability, acceptance, success factors
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