Concept development of installation technology for rainforest audio monitoring devices

dc.contributorAalto Universityen
dc.contributor.advisorEkman, Kalevi
dc.contributor.authorPaddick, Gary
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dc.contributor.supervisorEkman, Kalevi
dc.description.abstractRainforest deforestation is the second largest anthropogenic source of greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere, after the burning of fossil fuels. Up to 90 per cent of tropical rainforest deforestation is conducted illegally. Rainforest Connection endeavour to reduce this number through the installation of up-recycled Audio Monitoring Devices installed high in the trees of the forest. The presented work aims to assist Rainforest Connection in their mission through the application of concept development methods for the enhancement of installation operations performed in the field. Due to the nature of the company a premium is placed on immediately implementable techniques. In response, both incremental improvements to current operations, through the adoption of industry techniques and commercially available equipment, and novel generated solutions are provided. The paper recommends the employment of extendable carbon fibre poles for the installation of the Audio Monitoring Devices as a novel solution and identifies a path forward for further development of the installation technique. The adaption of commercial telescopic carbon fibre poles from the window washing industry repre-sents an additional tool for field operations that has the potential to save hours per temporarily installed device; while providing an immediate pathway for field trials in Ecuador at a low investment cost. A segment carbon fibre pole is recommended for future development of high elevation, permanent installations performed from the ground.en
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dc.programmeMaster’s Programme in Mechanical Engineeringfi
dc.programme.majorMechanical Engineeringfi
dc.subject.keywordconcept generationen
dc.subject.keywordproduct developmenten
dc.subject.keywordtropical rainforesten
dc.subject.keywordcustomer needsen
dc.titleConcept development of installation technology for rainforest audio monitoring devicesen
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dc.type.ontasotMaster's thesisen
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