The impacts of entrepreneurship education on corporate entrepreneurship

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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MSc program in Entrepreneurship
MSc program in Entrepreneurship
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Nowadays, to cope with the continuing changes in the market, more and more organizations and companies seek different methods to maintain and gain market share in the industry. Among all the choices that can help with improve the innovation of service/products, corporate entrepreneurship is a good approach to take. This thesis examined and studied whether entrepreneurship education can foster such entrepreneurial behaviors that are beneficial in corporate entrepreneurship. To support the aim of this study, a theoretical discussion was presented to identify what kind of entrepreneurial characteristics can benefit corporate entrepreneurship. Then empirically analysis how entrepreneurship education can influence corporate entrepreneurship. By the end, some managerial implications for further research and study were given. In the theoretical study, the author starts with what is corporate entrepreneurship and why it is important for organizations and companies, and then discuss about different approaches of entrepreneurial skills and behaviors, that is Personality and Value Approach, Action Approach. Later on analyze fostering entrepreneurship skills in entrepreneurial education. In the empirical study, qualitative method was used. The author run two parts research, one is focus groups as a pre-test research and the other is semi-structured interview. Empirical findings show that Personality Traits and Personal Values decides whether or not the person wants to do something entrepreneurial, while entrepreneurship education have impacts on whether or not the person have the abilities and skills to become a corporate entrepreneur. Moreover, all these characteristics and features work together to decides whether or not the person can be a successful corporate entrepreneur in a long run.
Corporate Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, Personality Traits Approach, Personal Values Approach, Action Approach
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