Exploring consumer norms in smartphone selection process: How can big data support the creation of a buying guide service?

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dc.contributor.authorMood, Bipin Venkataswamy
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dc.description.abstractThe decision making process of a consumer is a set of complex steps undertaken to choose one among many alternatives. Currently, mobile phone technology is at its all time high. The mobile phone ecosystem is rapidly changing due to the ever changing technological improvements. The research community has to constantly keep pace with the technology. The area of handheld device consumer’s buying behavior is not completely studied. Only the factors affecting the decision making are studied time to time but the process, behavior and time aspects are ignored. This has created a void in the research which this study intends to fill. The factors affecting decision making keep changing rapidly with time. This makes past research findings ineffective in current timeline. However the buying process in itself is relatively a slow changing aspect. With time, there can be additions of different paths in this journey but the process and intention of the data search from a consumer’s perspective is the same. This provides more support to study the process by itself. Big data is currently being used to study the buying behavior of consumers to improve their service offering. However, in telecommunication sector, the big data is often used only to understand the consumers. Telecommunication big data is a pool of useful information. By adhering to the privacy policy, one can still make use of this collection of data in various cross sector applications. This study involves one such attempt to use the telecommunications big data to create a service which aids handheld device consumer’s decision making process. The aim is to not only assist but also to reduce process time of consumers by understanding the intricate details of decision making.en
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dc.titleExploring consumer norms in smartphone selection process: How can big data support the creation of a buying guide service?en
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