Maanomistajan asema ja vaikutusmahdollisuudet tilusjärjestelyissä, erityisesti Pedersöressä isojaosta nykypäivään

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Kiinteistöopin ja talousoikeuden julkaisuja / Teknillinen korkeakoulu, maanmittaustekniikan laitos, kiinteistöoppi. A, 36
The aim of this study was to investigate the position of the landowner and his/her degree of influence on land consolidation in general and specially within the municipality of Pedersöre. This study is divided into two fields: a) the decision-making and the degree of influence of a private landowner and b) the general development of land consolidation. This study emphasizes the real possibilities the landowner has of influencing land consolidation and how these possibilities appear in practise. The continuity of Finnish land consolidation activity is also investigated. The aim was to find out if the land reform process has been a slow and long lasting or if the cadastral procedures have been separate technical procedures. The empiric data for this study was collected from land consolidation records and articles published in a local newspaper from Pedersöre during the 20th century. The method used in this study was a qualitative content analysis. Financial measures taken by the state in land consolidation procedures has, according to this study stimulated the implementation of land consolidation procedures. But this alone has not been sufficient to start the land consolidation process. Opinion leaders among the landowners and the economic results of the procedures have been central internal factors. These have also influenced the implementation of land consolidation procedures. The long duration of land consolidation procedures has made it significantly difficult for a landowner to estimate the economic outcome of land consolidation. This study suggests that there has been a long lasting and almost continuous land reform within the research area (Pedersöre). Its main purpose has been to correct the defects of early land consolidation and to lower the costs of production on the farms by improving draining, access roads and the division of land.
land consolidation, position of a landowner, possibilities of influencing, tilusjärjestely, maanomistajan asema, vaikutusmahdollisuudet
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