Perceptions and preferences of experienced security in mass urban events – What's technology got to do with it?

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Cities, Volume 144
Mass spectator events are part of contemporary urban life, and security issues are increasingly integral to them. Most of the related research has focused on security management and technological development. However, prior studies have shown that subjectively experienced security plays an elemental role in urban life. We present an explanatory study of 880 participants' perceptions and preferences of security and technology usage in spectator events in our online survey in December 2021. The context of the study was Finnish ice hockey games held in a new sports/multi-purpose arena. Results indicate that gender, age and familiarity impact the eventgoer's preferences and security experience. Experienced security is also found to be connected to the ease and flow of interaction with technology and urban space. We conclude with recommendations that recognise the complexity of event security in urban settings without compromising the needs of different spectator groups.
Funding Information: This article was funded by the SURE project, (the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative) and the Bridpol project (Research Council of Finland). Funding Information: We are thankful to European Union Urban Innovative Actions initiative ( EU/UIA04-158 ) and Research Council of Finland (grant 354867 ) for funding this project. We are also grateful to all the participants who contributed to the project. Especially, our warmest thanks go to the fans and functionaries of the two Tampere ice hockey teams, Ilves and Tappara. Publisher Copyright: © 2023
Event security, Experienced security, Security technology, Urban event venues, Urban space
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Vainio, T, Karppi, I & Sankala, I 2023, ' Perceptions and preferences of experienced security in mass urban events – What's technology got to do with it? ', Cities, vol. 144, 104626 .