A Programming Method for Sequential Control of Industrial Drives

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This paper presents a method for sequential programming aimed at ABB's ACS800 series of industrial drives. Sequential programs, as described here, are characterised by being dividable into discrete steps following each other in a sequence, and are frequent in industrial applications. Since the ACS800 only supports programming using function blocks, creating such programs can be a cumbersome task. The goal of this thesis is to develop a programming method that will utilise existing software features, and extend them to allow convenient building of sequential programs. Within the scope of the thesis, different standard techniques applicable for creating sequential programs and specifying dynamic system behaviour are described. Included in the study are Petri nets, Grafcet (IEC 60848), SFC (IEC 61311-3), PLCOpen Motion Control Profile and UML statecharts. The techniques' suitability for this particular purpose is evaluated. Also proprietary solutions from vendors of electrical drives are assessed in the search for an optimal solution. It is concluded that none of the existing solutions completely fulfils the requirements. Resulting from the work is a new programming method consisting of a graphical programming language and its implementation. The language uses a notation similar to UML statecharts. The implementation consists of a compiler generating intermediate code from the input data and an interpreter executing it. The key features of the method developed are simplicity to learn, use and understand, a high degree of flexibility and a small hardware footprint.
Koskinen, Kari O.
Thesis advisor
Nousiainen, Tero
sequential programming, sekventiell programmering, state machines, tillståndsmaskiner, UML statecharts, UML tillståndsdiagram, programming language implementation, implementering av programmeringsspråk
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