Artistic and poetic exploration of structure system in compression and tension

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dc.contributor.advisorKotnik, Toni
dc.contributor.advisorXie, Fangjie
dc.contributor.authorYang, Chengfan
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dc.contributor.supervisorKotnik, Toni
dc.description.abstractCalatrava has a particular way of thinking about structure. By perceiving the movement of human body and the delicate form from nature with artistic watercolor drawings and conceptual sculpture works, his design sees how compression and tension interact and how different equilibrium works in the body and natural structures. Motivated by this, the thesis focuses on the artistic and poetic exploration of structure system in compression and tension and seeks to find more possibilities for architecture and structure design. In the research, graphic statics as a principle is used to analyze the form and force of structure systems in sculptures of Calatrava and some other building cases. At the same time, integrated architectural ideas and thinking are also explored for expanding the poetics of structure systems. The final chapter is a pavilion design in a dynamic and natural context, where dynamic balance of the structure system artistically and poetically interprets and presents the characteristic of site. Through study and exploration of the thesis, the meaning of structure is extended.en
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dc.subject.keywordstructure designen
dc.subject.keywordcompression and tensionen
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dc.subject.keyworddynamic balanceen
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dc.titleArtistic and poetic exploration of structure system in compression and tensionen
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