The impact of customization on email marketing automation in the B2B context

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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The impact of customization in email marketing automation in the business to business (B2B) context is yet to be studied comprehensively and precisely. The paper aims to understand the impact of customization on email marketing automation, thus providing insights for marketers to form more strategical customization practices in order to improve marketing performance. Literature regarding customization, email marketing automation, customer’s perception such as feeling unique, relevant, intrusive and privacy concerned was briefly reviewed. Two scenarios based online experiments were conducted to study the phenomenon. Study 1 tested the effect of customization of the subject line of the email on the probability to open the email, while study 2 tested the effect of customized content of the email on the receiver willingness to respond to the email. Quantitative research method with Analysis of Variance (Anova) were used to test the effect of customization on different measures. The main findings represent that customization has a positive and significant impact on the email marketing automation performance, varying from subject to content. In short, customization of the email content has a more significant impact than the customization of the subject. Both subject and content customization has a positive and significant effect on perceived uniqueness. In addition, content customization also has a significant effect on attitude towards the email and especially on call to action of the email- intention to join the CXO community. It is noticeable that customization does not have any significant impact on perceived intrusiveness, privacy concern and relevance of the email, from both subject and content perspectives. Regarding originality and value, the research advanced the knowledge of customization and its application in email marketing automation, providing actionable insights that marketers can apply into their jobs. Practically, it is potential to apply the insights of customization on email marketing automation into other marketing activities such as advertising automation.
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Nanni, Anastasia
customization, personalization, marketing automation, email marketing, email marketing automation, perceived uniqueness, intrusiveness, privacy concern
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