How can large Finnish companies implement and execute growth hacking

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Growth hacking, a term that was coined in 2010, has been widely acknowledged in the startup scene, but hasn’t gained significant traction in the environment of large corporations. The purpose of growth hacking is to find sources of growth, therefore, there is no apparent reason why it shouldn’t be considered as a way of working, or a mindset, for large companies too. This thesis focuses on finding deeper meaning about growth hacking in large Finnish companies. The purpose is to find out how the term is perceived in large companies and what does growth hacking mean for them. Moreover, this thesis will explain how growth hacking can be implemented into large Finnish companies. A literature review and an exploratory study were conducted, to answer the aforementioned questions. The first objective of this thesis is to provide an overview of what growth hacking means in general, and in the context of large Finnish companies. The second objective is to provide an overview of how growth hacking can be implemented and used in large Finnish companies. The research for this thesis was conducted as an assignment for a Finnish company called Avaus Marketing Innovations Oy. Growth hacking is generally suitable for all large companies that are looking for growth. However, not all growth hacking methods suit all companies. Perhaps even more important than the methods is the growth hacking mindset, which is suitable for large companies as it is for startups. Fitting growth hacking mindset into the culture of a large organisation is difficult. Thus, one suitable way to implement growth hacking into large companies is with the help of inner startups or other self-directed units, who work with growth hacking methods and then communicate the success stories in the organisation.
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Gartner, Johannes
growth hacking, digital marketing, startups, large Finnish companies
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