Black TiO2-supported copper nanoparticles for efficient photocatalytic N-formylation of N-methylaniline with CO2

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Journal of CO2 Utilization, Volume 71
Photocatalytic N-formylation of amines with CO2 is a promising strategy to convert CO2 into value-added chemicals sustainably. In this work, a black TiO2-supported Cu photocatalyst is prepared through a solvothermal method for the N-formylation of N-methylaniline with NaBH4 as the reducing agent. Cu nanoparticles and oxygen vacancies are formed on the surface of the photocatalyst after reduction with H2, which decreases the band-gap energy and promotes the separation of photogenerated electrons and holes, thereby improving the photocatalytic activity remarkably. A 100 % conversion is achieved after 9 h radiation, and the yield of N-methylformanilide reaches 81 %. Both the amount of NaBH4 and the pressure of CO2 show important influences on the activity and selectivity of the photocatalytic process, and the carbon and hydrogen in the aldehyde group are from CO2 and NaBH4, respectively. The photocatalyst also shows promising cycling durability.
Funding Information: This work was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China ( 2022YFB4101800 ). The financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China under contract number 22075205 is gratefully acknowledged. The work has been also supported by the Program of Introducing Talents to the University Disciplines under file number B06006 , and the Program for Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Teams in Universities under file number IRT 0641 . Publisher Copyright: © 2023 The Authors
Black titanium dioxide, CO reduction, N-formylation, N-methylaniline, Photocatalysis
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Yuan, S, Bai, P, He, Y, Chen, J, Zhao, Y & Li, Y 2023, ' Black TiO 2 -supported copper nanoparticles for efficient photocatalytic N-formylation of N-methylaniline with CO 2 ', Journal of CO2 Utilization, vol. 71, 102453 .