From _ to • Translating a narrative from printed to experience format through questioning graphic design practices.

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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P1 OPINNÄYTTEET D 2019 Brasileiro
Degree programme
Visual Communication Design
This thesis is about, and is itself a process. It is a dissection of and subsequent inquiry into an experimental project using a number of concepts and tools taken from graphic design, as well as surrounding fields to question my own choices and design practices. It specifically examines a self-initiated project resulting from a moment of reflection on my work, where its scope was not limited by any commercial or industry interests. This allowed me to critically engage with the methods of production employed, while also enabling me to edit author content through a questioning lens. The aim of this thesis is to examine how a travel diary was translated from its original print format to an experiential exhibition one, in the process of critically analyzing graphic design practices. Documented as a detailed narrative, this practice-based research project is described through the steps taken from conception to execution, while questioning, investigating and experimenting within graphic design. These findings distinguish themselves from existing conventions through their conceptual and contextual fluidity. This thesis can inspire by increasing awareness and pushing the bounds of what constitutes the field of visual design, while providing tools to assist other designers and their processes. From these findings, it is concluded that the obstacles relating to one's own practice and context allows for new possibilities of expression.
Karhumaa, Arja
Thesis advisor
Dodson, Zach
graphic design, narrative, inquire, critical design, print, exhibition, experience, media
Other note
Brasileiro, Babi