Challenges and Opportunities for Developing an Entrepreneurial (Sustainable) Environment in Kazakhstan

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School of Business | Bachelor's thesis
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(Mikkeli) Bachelor’s Program in International Business
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Objectives The main objective of the given study was to research the sector of SMEs in Kazakhstan. Determining the ways of making the entrepreneurship environment more sustainable. As well as identifying problems of real people in achieving competitive and wealthy business. Discuss the opportunities for developing this most significant field of economy. Taking in mind that Kazakhstan is a country with mostly young people, surveying fresh minds as students would be logical. So that in the future this study will maintain in identifying a direction in the SME sector. Summary First, the literature on related topics was reviewed. Based on the literature conceptual framework was generated. The most significant part was conducting a survey among “AlmaU” management university students. Overall, 76 students participated. The survey was to measure the general attitude towards the entrepreneurial environment of Kazakhstani students/professors from business/management universities. As well as observing the new ideas to improve the sustainable business environment from fresh minds. Two open-ended questions about current problems and solutions were discussed. Conclusions In the conclusion, there were identified main problems and new ideas for developing the entrepreneurship environment in Kazakhstan. The fields that were identified as most dangerous: People’s minds, which is referred to old stereotypical thinking (not critical mindset); Education, which is determined as lack of accessible business-related training starting; Government, which means inefficient promotion and work of state programs. As a result, solutions are working in those fields and consider fundamental criteria to achieve sustainable SME development.
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Kazakhstan, SMEs, competitiveness, sustainable business, entrepreneurship environment, state programs, business education
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