Cellulose dissolution and gelation in NaOH(aq) under controlled CO2 atmosphere: supramolecular structure and flow properties

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Green Chemistry, Volume 24, issue 20
We investigate the interplay between cellulose crystallization and aggregation with interfibrillar interactions, shear forces, and the local changes in the medium's acidity. The latter is affected by the CO2 chemisorbed from the surrounding atmosphere, which, combined with shear forces, explain cellulose gelation. Herein, rheology, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), small and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS), and focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) are combined to unveil the fundamental factors that limit cellulose gelation and maximize its dissolution in NaOH(aq). The obtained solutions are then proposed for developing green and environmentally friendly cellulose-based materials.
| openaire: EC/H2020/788489/EU//BioELCell Funding Information: This work was supported by the FinnCERES Flagship Program. G. R. acknowledges the contribution of UPM and support of the Academy of Finland's Flagship Program under Projects No. 318890 and 318891 (Competence Center for Materials Bioeconomy, FinnCERES). G. Reyes, and O. J. Rojas are grateful for the support received from the ERC Advanced Grant Agreement No. 788489 (“BioElCell”) and The Canada Excellence Research Chair Program (CERC-2018-00006), as well as Canada Foundation for Innovation (Project Number 38623). P. A. P. thanks the Academy of Finland for funding (Grant No. 338804). A. W. T. K. and T. K. thank the Academy of Finland for funding (Grant No. 311255). The provision of facilities and technical support by Aalto University at OtaNano-Nanomicroscopy Center (Aalto-NMC) is also gratefully acknowledged. Publisher Copyright: © 2022 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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Reyes, G, King, A W T, Koso, T V, Penttilä, P A, Kosonen, H & Rojas, O J 2022, ' Cellulose dissolution and gelation in NaOH(aq) under controlled CO 2 atmosphere: supramolecular structure and flow properties ', Green Chemistry, vol. 24, no. 20, pp. 8029-8035 . https://doi.org/10.1039/d2gc02916b