Visual interpretation of Mahabharata

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Mahabharata is a painting with mythological details which is narrating the incidents. It is combination of 15 minutes storytelling and 3 minutes rap song which supports the 73 x 60 cm long water colour painting. This work consists of contemporary and also conventional ideas, which provides the permutation of mythological art. This painting has many characters from epic in action that foretells important incidents. The aim of the thesis is to convey cultural and philosophical inkling through visual interpretation of 3000 years old epic. It is a pictorial revolution towards the post-colonial and modern societies emulating rigid restrictions defining about good and evil. The art work aims to liberate the concept of traditional boundaries. The objective is to deliver a message that metaphysical realm has more magnitude than towards the religious interpretation. The recipient of this art work is inflexible socio-cultural societies with rigorous political and religious norms. Additionally, this theme intends to discuss the philosophy on human virtues and nature as persistent embody of life and death. The thesis consists a painting which operates as a bridge between contemporary and traditional art form. The artwork enhances Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian art formats which manipulates the characters in geometrical and symbolic forms. It uses background symbols like blood bath, two pyramids intersecting each other and wheel of life. This work implicates and fabricates culture and contemporary art history. It serves purpose of pursuing freedom for interpreting without political and religious perimeter in art work. It compiles the sequence of stories under one panel. The rhythm and poetic song are the modern method of concluding this epic. It highlights the main incident in humorous and satirical way. Correspondingly, it contains the retelling of multilayered epic for new audience. It also helps to simplify and illuminate this epic as a mythology. Furthermore, it delivers morale and freedom of revolting against prejudices about right and wrong in our societies.
Ryynänen, Max
Thesis advisor
Ryynänen, Max
visual interpretation, contemporary art, painting, mythological art, narrative story telling, rhythm and poem
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