Typewriter Art and Poetic Visual Storytelling: Exploring Analog Processes, Visual Poetry, and Typewriter Techniques in the Creation of "Kleptomaniac"

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Bachelor's thesis
Visuaalisen viestinnän muotoilu
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This thesis explores the interplay between visual poetry and typewriters as a tool. It primarily focuses on the analog process and its influence on artistic decision-making. The objective of the research is to employ the typewriter as a creative tool, understand the nature of visual poetry, and lay a foundation for experimental exploration. Leading to the final production, the research and technique assist the creative process. The research concludes with the creation of a poetry booklet titled “Kleptomaniac,” which embodies the themes of melancholy and sweet nostalgia while exploring the idea of collecting influence. The poetic pieces within “Kleptomaniac'' are crafted using a vintage Brother Deluxe typewriter. It showcases typographic experimentations and the creation of typewritten textures and images. Exploring concrete poetry, visual poetry, and typography assisted in the curation of the poetic works. “Kleptomaniac” embraces textures and layering of the typewritten works to add depth and complexity to the experience of the poetry booklet. The process of creating “Kleptomaniac” emphasizes the tactility of working with a typewriter as a tool and its influencing role in shaping creative decisions. The thesis consists of analyzing pioneer artworks and typewriter techniques to create a foundational starting point for the thesis production. The resulting body of work in “Kleptomaniac” showcases the medium’s ability to evoke emotion and add a layer of depth to written poetry. In conclusion, this thesis explores the understanding of typewriter art as a distinctive form of creative expression in visual poetry. By dissecting the analog process, concrete poetry, and visual poetry within the context of the typewriter, the research demonstrates the interplay between the artist and the typewriter. The thesis emphasizes the significance of tactility and the typewriter’s influence on intuitive and creative decision-making. “Kleptomaniac” is both the product and reflection of the thesis research, offering a tactile typewritten product focusing on visual poetry.
Kortteinen, Tuomas
Thesis advisor
Beilinson, Kiia
analogue, typewriter art, visual poetry, concrete poetry, visual storytelling, art typing
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