Value Configuration in the European Mobile Multiplayer Gaming Industry

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The present study examines value configuration in the European mobile multiplayer gaming industry. The study uses the concepts of industry dynamism, value systems, and value co-production to examine the drivers behind value creation in the industry and their impact on shaping the industry's value configuration. The research problem of the study is expressed as the question, how will value configuration be structured in the European mobile multiplayer gaming industry? By solving the research question, the study tries to contribute to the understanding of value creation in mobile multiplayer gaming and provide insights into the future direction of the industry. The objectives of the study are: - to describe the present structure and value configuration of the industry. - to determine the role of the industry's dynamisms on value creation. - to describe the effect of the dynamisms on the industry's value configuration. The literature study examines previous research on value creation, positive feedback, user involvement in value creation, and mobile games. Five qualitative case studies are used to deepen and extend the findings from the literature study. The theoretical and empirical analysis of the present study indicates that mobile multiplayer gaming is dependent on the interrelationship between the offerings of a wide number of actors, including consumers themselves, in order to create value. Positive feedback dynamics both at the firm and industry level were found to be among the drivers shaping the industry's structure. A dynamic model of the industry's value configuration is constructed based on the findings of the study.
Laamanen, Tomi
Thesis advisor
Turpeinen, Marko
mobile games, communities, positive feedback, telecommunications industry
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