On smart and natural language technology support of strategy work

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Doctoral thesis (monograph)
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Dissertation series / Helsinki University of Technology, Industrial Management and Work and Organisational Psychology, 2003/6
This research explores how natural language processing of text, which is in electronic format, might be exploited to benefit strategic business planning in companies. It entails considering devices for making sense of huge, complex and dynamic data for decision making in a complex and dynamic world. It entails grasping managers' true requirements. Text that is in electronic format abounds. The Internet is continuing its phenomenal growth. Strategic decision-makers in companies struggle with making sense, keeping up with and taking advantage of the emerging world. Theoretical and technological advances in many fields of inquiry, from strategy to information technology, give rise to new promises for computer support of strategic managerial work. Management of knowledge and computer processing of natural language format text are among these. After surveying the field of strategy for its requirements and the state of art some alternative solutions are considered. A partial solution that was actually built is described together with experiments performed with it. Feedback solicited and obtained from managers with help of the concrete existence of the partial solution is then examined and analysed thoroughly. Ideas related to the use of systems based on language and knowledge technology have been developed and many issues identified. This together with managerial feedback forms a base for creating strategy support systems in the future.
strategy support, decision support, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, content analysis, knowledge management, language technology
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