Achieving the Ideals: Work-Life Balance in Sales Management Positions in Finland

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dc.description.abstractObjectives The main objective of this study was to explore which factors help or hinder the work-life balance of sales managers employed in Finland. In addition to this inquiry, this research investigated how sales managers valued work-life balance, what factors they thought help or hinder achieving it and which actions they would take or avoid in order to have a good work-life balance. Summary The research surveyed sales managers employed in Finland, its aim being to measure eight different hypotheses in addition to three open-ended questions for content analysis. The hypotheses and open-ended questions were created and proposed based on the scientific background and theoretical framework built in the literature review. Conclusions Based on the quantitative analysis, digitalisation and globalisation have a negative effect on sales managers’ perception of achieving a good work-life balance. In addition, stress issues, busyness and work overload have a negative impact on their work-life balance, while the impact of organisational support is positive. Correlations between work-life balance and emotional intelligence, and work-life balance and job engagement were not found. The content analysis made on the basis of the open-ended question revealed that sales managers appreciate the feeling of all life domains fulfilling each other so that it does not feel like any domain is taking over.en
dc.programme(Mikkeli) Bachelor’s Program in International Businessen
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dc.titleAchieving the Ideals: Work-Life Balance in Sales Management Positions in Finlanden
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