Following Seals and Dogs: Experimenting with Personal Dimensions of Transformative Design

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dc.description.abstractPresent eco-social crises call for transformative design practices, which include personal dimensions of transformation and self-reflection. This paper builds on ongoing discussions in participatory design about personal transformation and its impact on broader societal change. The paper presents two reflective accounts on transformative encounters with creative practices, to explore how to better understand and nurture personal transformations in participatory design. The common themes emerging from these accounts point to the importance of noticing small events that might seem subtle or mundane at first, but upon reflection, become critical in contributing to personal transformation. The paper argues that the personal dimension of transformative design plays an important role in fostering eco-social change, and that self-transformation can be nurtured by creating space for spontaneity, letting-go, shifting of perspectives and trusting into emerging elements that unfold beyond our control as designers.en
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dc.identifier.citationHakio , K , Dolejšová , M , Mattelmäki , T , Choi , J H-J & Ampatzidou , C 2022 , Following Seals and Dogs: Experimenting with Personal Dimensions of Transformative Design . in V Vlachokyriakos , J Yee , C Frauenberger , M D Hurtado , N Hansen , A Strohmayer , I Van Zyl , A Dearden , R Talhouk , C Gatehouse , D Leishman , S Agid , M Sciannamblo , J Taylor , A Botero , C Del Gaudio , Y Akama , R Clarke & J Vines (eds) , Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference 2022 . vol. 2 , ACM , New York , pp. 167-172 , Participatory Design Conference , Newcastle , United Kingdom , 19/08/2022 .
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dc.titleFollowing Seals and Dogs: Experimenting with Personal Dimensions of Transformative Designen
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