Immersive exploration of carbon capture in Singapore: A virtual reality approach navigating complexity through point clouds for sustainable urban futures

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Arkkitehtuurin, maisema-arkkitehtuurin ja sisustusarkkitehtuurin maisteriohjelma
Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global response. Singapore, as a densely populated country with no hinterland, is responding to the complexity of the situation with limited resources. Increasing the area of vegetation is still recognized as one of the most effective natural carbon sequestration measures. Singapore, recognized as a global leader in urban greening, plans to plant one million trees by 2030 to realize its vision of becoming a "City of Nature.". In this thesis, an immersive virtual reality approach based on urban point cloud data is proposed to visualize and interact with carbon sequestration and emission data in the city. Firstly, the point cloud data is collected by terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) in the area of Bukit Timah railway station, which is part of the Rail Corridor. Secondly, the point cloud data is classified and categorized in detail as the basis for calculating the carbon sequestration and emissions of different components in the city. Then, with the help of related research progress, specific carbon sequestration and emission calculations are carried out for specific urban elements such as trees and roads in the area. The final result is the construction of a virtual reality environment for 3D visualization and interaction with the calculated data. This virtual reality environment can be used as a multifunctional tool to assist designers in the design phase to understand the site and the complex urban system, as well as for government departments to monitor the urban environment in real-time and make rational urban management decisions, and as an information medium for citizens to understand the urban system and the urban environment. This thesis aims to stimulate designers' creative thinking, promote more effective urban management decisions and wider and deeper public participation, and contribute to the response to complex urban environments.
Fricker, Pia
Thesis advisor
Fricker, Pia
Yao, Chaowen
point cloud, virtual reality, data visualization, carbon sequestration, data interaction, complex urban system
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