Action design research: Developing a robotic process automation tool for data migration

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School of Business | Master's thesis
Degree programme
Information and Service Management (ISM)
Organizations undergoing digital transformation have a growing need for automation solutions. These solutions save time and resources by replacing human manual labour with automated workflows. One example of these solutions is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The rising level of adoption in such technologies has realized the multitude of ways such technologies can be integrated to be leveraged in digital transformation. One of these use cases is data migration, a cornerstone in successfully upgrading digital systems. Since the research of the subject is minimal but there is a lot of potential for use case, this thesis will try to find out, if there is potential for more efficient processes in data migration via usage of RPA. In this thesis, an RPA tool is developed by using Action Design Research, a frame-work which dedicates itself to continuous improvement and close co-operation between stakeholders. This RPA tool is implemented in a client project, where data migration is done for Field Service Management-system transformation. The result was that there was a lot of processes inside data migration that could be made more efficient with RPA usage. It was also evident that the adoption of RPA was something that needed to be bought-in at an organizational level for the benefits to be fully realized. It was also discovered that continuous improvement during the development session was vital and stakeholders are essential to be kept in loop straight from the starting point. The findings of this research are also something that create multiple possibilities for further research around the subject, for example on how AI could be implemented to be part of RPA tools.
Thesis advisor
Ghanbari, Hadi
RPA, robotic process automation, data migration, cloud migration
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