Successful global launch of solution offerings - the process and key considerations

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School of Economics | Master's thesis
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The study set out to answer the following research problem: how is global launch planned, managed and executed successfully for solution offerings? The objective was thus to form a holistic picture of the global launch process for new solution offerings. The research question was further divided into four sub-questions which aimed at gaining knowledge on the proceeding of the process and activities during it, the key considerations for solution offering launch, build-in of the global perspective, and factors facilitating success of the process. The research problem was answered by combining theoretical analysis and empirical case study research. The theoretical part draws together various theoretical discussions to form a conceptual framework describing the proceeding of the global launch process as well as identifying the key considerations for solution offering launch. In the empirical part, qualitative single-case study was carried out in which a launch conducted by the case company was analyzed against the framework. Data consisted of 12 semi-structured interviews and other materials and documents related to the launch. In the launch studied, the early analysis and strategic activities identified in the theoretical framework, including the commercial concept development and iteration, blended into the execution-oriented stages and activities of the framework process. However, stronger emphasis on early phases of launch was discovered important for facilitating success of the offering and directing efforts. The importance of the three considerations for solution offering launch, customer involvement, importance of networks and partners, and extended lifecycle of solutions, was manifested in various ways. Indeed, many of the development areas identified in the launch were related to consideration of these aspects and integrating them to the process. From the global launch perspective, it was deemed integral that, with the help of an internal network, local perspectives are built in to the process from the start while still coordinating activities on a global level. Support for sales force adoption, top management commitment and clarity of strategic launch objectives were recognized important factors in successful launch process. It was concluded that the framework describes the research phenomenon well.
new offering, uusi tarjooma, solution, ratkaisu, solution offering, ratkaisutarjooma, launch, lanseeraus
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