How will artificial intelligence affect employment

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School of Business | Bachelor's thesis
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This thesis is a literature review of the current literature on the effects of artificial intelligence could have on employment. After the introduction, the thesis provides context by talking about different methodologies behind artificial intelligence, the history of artificial intelligence and looking at the effects former technologies have had on employment, along with economic theory behind how labor demand affects employment and wages. Then the thesis looks at how exposed different occupations are to the employment effects of artificial intelligence along with examples of applications of artificial in- telligence in the real world. Then the thesis looks at two main models the current literature studies the effects artificial intelligence could have on employment. One is looking through the lens of substitution and complementarity, and the other is the task-based approach, where the exact tasks associated with an occupation are examined. Based on that infor- mation the researchers try to assess how artificial intelligence will affect the em- ployment of that occupation. The debate about a technology’s effects on the labor market usually surrounds the effect of substitution. The effects of artificial intelligence are however much more complex. The extent and direction of the effects are unclear, but it will have an im- pact on labor. The topic will need more research in the future as the technology starts to gain a larger role in the world.
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Valmari, Nelli
artificial intelligence, labor, technology, employment
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