Foreign Employee Commitment towards Finnish New Ventures: The role of fear of failure and perceived entrepreneurial passion

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
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The main objective of this study is to better understand how employee commitment of foreigners develops during the course of working in new ventures in Finland. More specifically, the goal of this study is to provide a deeper understanding of the effects of founders’ passion and employees’ personal failure of fear on employee commitment. The thesis aims to identify any underlying patterns or themes beyond the thesis. Besides, the thesis wishes to contribute to the current literature on psychology and human resource management in entrepreneurship and to provide useful information to the founders of new ventures on how to improve their strategy to best motivate their employees. This thesis is based on qualitative research methods. Data was gathered through semi-structured, face-to-face interviews with eleven foreigners who are currently living and working in Finland. All eleven participants have had experience of working in at least one Finnish new venture. The data derived from the interviews provides insights to the research questions regarding the relationship between fear of failure, founders’ entrepreneurial passion, and employee commitment. The study identifies how the conditions of being a foreigner in Finland affect the foreigners’ job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Furthermore, the study inductively identifies other factors, emerging from the data, contributing to the development of employee commitment in new ventures. The results of the study explain the common development of the employee commitment in the context of the new ventures. The study finds the impacts of the founders and the employees’ personal fear on the employee commitment. The founder’s passion and attitudes have strong impacts on the employees’ motivation and loyalty. The founder’s attitudes and behaviors will affect the trust built between the founders and employees. The trust has a strong impact on the employees’ commitment. The employees’ fear of failure has a more indirect effect on the employee commitment. The study finds that certain fears of financial loss, opportunity loss and uncertainty affect the employees’ perception of the career future, and as a result, the career future affects the employee commitment to the organization. The conditions of being a foreigner in Finland also affect the varying degree of the impacts on their commitment, although very few conditions are found to have impacts. Finally, the limitation and implications are proposed.
Thesis advisor
Chliova, Myrto
entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial passion, employee commitment, fear of failure, Finland
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