Designing an Interactive Tool for the Prediction and Treatment of Osteoarthritis

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Perustieteiden korkeakoulu | Master's thesis
Human Computer Interaction and Design
Degree programme
Master's Programme in ICT Innovation
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the world’s most common joint disease caused by a de- generation of the cartilage. Its treatment is possible through early detection and symptom care. By understanding the risk of progression of Osteoarthritis and facilitating the consultation of patients and doctors at an early stage this care can be provided. This thesis focuses on uncovering the core considerations that are to be taken when designing an interactive tool that will help both patients and doctors in the care of early knee OA. This thesis uses the Algoa Progress prediction, which predicts and quantifies a patient’s Osteoarthritis risk evolution based on MRI images and weight changes. The methods used are divided into three areas, qualitative user requirement gathering, an iterative design process and an evaluation process. An interface prototype was developed after co-design sessions, and by using a mock consultation as the evaluation process it was uncovered that it was beneficial to have separate interface views for the doctors and the patients. Moreover, by engaging patients by means of a slider interaction with the interface, there was feelings of inclusion and increased patient-doctor engagement. Doctors were found to trust the designed interface for medical decisions more, due to the use of weight as the only modifiable risk factor. Through a final analysis of the methodology findings, the core considerations for designing an interface for consultations involved in early OA treatment include unifying the needs of doctors and patients through two views, keeping human factors in the loop through control, trust and cultural considerations, and leveraging involvement through interaction to motivate positive behavioral changes.
Artman, Henrik
Thesis advisor
Laaksolahti, Jarmo
human computer interaction, mHealth, interface design, osteoarthritis
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