In transition - Mathematics and art

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New Zealand Journal of Mathematics, Volume 52
Aalto University has been able to create a fruitful frame for activities enhancing interaction between mathematics, art and architecture. One of the most recent highlights of this progress was a student exhibition titled ‘IN TRANSITION – Mathematics and Art’ [12] at Espoo Cultural Centre [9]. The exhibition was further extended to the Aalto Math&Arts exhibition in Shanghai ([3],[25]). In this paper we describe our long-lasting open-minded collaboration to build a minor in Mathematics and Arts that is useful from freshmen to PhD students across the conventional barriers between disciplines. A dialogue between scientific and artistic practices break clichés related to mathematics by bringing deep phenomena in the field to the level of human experience. Challenges and future scenarios are discussed broadly. Some ideas about the present state of Aalto Math and Arts can be found in [2].
Funding Information: Aalto Math&Arts visit to Shanghai was funded by Dean Tuomas Auvinen from School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Dean Jouko Lampinen from School of Science and Dean Gary Marquis from School of Engineering. The collaborators in Shanghai were West Bund Art Center, Sino-Finnish Centre, students and teachers from Tongji-Huangpu School of Design & Innovation and teachers from other schools in Shanghai, Beijing and other provinces of China as well as students from Tongji University. Funding Information: Mathematics and Arts Colloquium in connection with a multidisciplinary course like this is a well-functioning concept. Public talks related to ongoing new activities at the university provide an accessible and convenient channel for a broad audience. Art gives a fruitful frame to make mathematics more visible in the society. The Colloquium was supported by Niilo Helander Foundation. Publisher Copyright: Copyright © 2021 The Korean Association for Radiation Protection.
Architecture, Art, Exhibition, Low-dimensional geometry and topology, Mathematics
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Peltonen , K 2021 , ' In transition - Mathematics and art ' , New Zealand Journal of Mathematics , vol. 52 , pp. 643-669 .