Communicative challenges in an internationally decentralized nonprofit organization Case: Finn Church Aid

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School of Economics | Master's thesis
International Business Communication
International Business Communication
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Communicative challenges in an internationally decentralized nonprofit organization - Case: Finn Church Aid Objective of the Study The main objective of the Thesis is to explore issues that the case organization needs to consider when developing a strategic communication plan for the field offices based in the developing countries. The Thesis will take into consideration both internal and external communications as well as the special conditions of international operating environment in developing countries. The research problem is investigated with the three questions: How do FCA’s employees perceive the challenges in the organization’s internal communications? How do FCA’s employees perceive the field offices’ external communication and the possibilities to develop it? What is the impact of the operating environment (i.e. developing countries) on FCA’s communications? Methodology and Data The research was conducted as a qualitative single case study with semi-structured interviews as the research method. Ten FCA employees were interviewed and they represented employees from the field as well as from the Helsinki headquarters. The theoretical framework guided the research process by taking into consideration all aspects of internal and external communication in the international environment. Findings and Conclusions The main findings of the Thesis indicate that the importance of internal and external communications are acknowledged within the case organization. However, communicative problems were identified and due to lack of resources, no actions have been taken to improve the situation. The Thesis provides suggestions concerning internal and external communications and focuses on the impact of the international environment on the development of a communication plan.
Nonprofit organization, internal communications, external communications, strategic communications, communication planning, international business communication, decentralized organizational structure
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