Machine vision in measurement and control of mineral concentration process

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This thesis considers machine vision in the context of the mining, mineral and metal industry (MMMI). Even though MMMI might be seen as a rather conservative industry branch, in many cases it is not. One motivation for constant research and development is the large amount of ore processed on a yearly basis, which means that even a slight improvement in performance can lead to substantial economical benefits. Another point, related more closely to the thesis, is that the development in camera and information technology has enabled the integration of machine vision based applications into many different industry branches, MMMI being one of them. Machine vision and its utilization in measurement and control of a modern flotation plant is studied in detail. The research was started in the late 90's with the development of an image analysis platform for flotation froths, which was later extended to cover multiple flotation cells. The resulting image analysis based variables were studied and new results regarding their usefulness both in single and multi-camera settings were obtained. The most important variables are shown to the plant operators and used in closed loop control. Furthermore, an image history database and a tool for its utilization were created, as well as a new type of froth level measurement technique introduced. The research done with the image analysis of flotation froths provided strong evidence of the importance of the froth colour as an indicator of grade. This motivated further studies carried out with a spectrophotometer, which is a more accurate instrument for colour measurements. As a result, a new type of on-line measurement technique was created to be used as a supplement to existing X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers to reduce their typical sampling interval of 10-20 minutes to a virtually continuous measurement. Another field of research presented is the particle size distribution analysis of crushed ore from a moving conveyor belt in a contact-free manner, for which two new measurement techniques are presented. This information, when measured already in the mine, can be used in the flotation plant to gain better grinding results, and geologists can use it in mine planning.
machine vision, mine, mining, flotation, control
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