Design for public services - The fourth way: Fostering public service design though multi-organizational entities

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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It has been suggested that service design could be used as a solution for the public sector to the complex challenges it is facing. In order to provide useful services to the public it is important to focus on how these services are designed. In previous research, partnerships between the public and private sector have been proposed to develop design in public services. The objective of the research is to identify how service design can be fostered within the public sector. Furthermore the objective is to find solutions for the challenges that partnerships bring out. The theoretical framework of the research is constructed through presenting theories from service design and multi organizational models in public services. The empirical research is conducted through expert interviews and case studies. Two case studies from the field of cycling are further examined through a multi-method approach. The methods used in examining the two cases are background research, interviews and questionnaires. The research suggests the fourth way of collaboration through multi organizational entities as a solution for fostering the design for public services. Relationships not only between the different silos in the public sector but also between the different disciplines arose as one of the main challenges. Therefore shared goals and clear leadership were identified as important relation- and leadership based factors. As a solution design readiness and open access to service production are suggested to assist in fostering public service design. The results seem to indicate that the government should provide an open and supportive environment where its role is to act as an enabler rather than the producer of those services.
service design, service design, bicycles, polkupyörät, design, muotoilu, networks, verkostot, private sector, yksityinen sektori, public sector, julkinen sektori, public services, julkiset palvelut
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