Aesthetic Praxis In Translation - Introduction and Translation of Alberto Híjar Serrano's: Aesthetic Praxis. The Aesthetic Dimension of Liberation

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dc.contributor.authorMuñoz Alcántara, David
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dc.contributor.supervisorKallio-Tavin, Mira, Prof., Aalto University, Department of Art, Finland
dc.description.abstractTo the question of Praxis engaged at its Aesthetic dimension, this work proposes to intersect the necessity of translation as a militant method for the articulation of broad and concrete signs of art as the class-struggle in the imagination. This study is centered on Alberto Híjar Serrano's profound critical understandings of the aesthetic-political significance and limits in historical materialism, and the impossibility to separate practice and theory. It contextualizes what the author refers to the aesthetic praxis –providing an unavoidable source, to engage in contemporary aesthetic discussions without overlooking its social aspects and beyond sole interpretations. This document is divided into two sections: SECTION I. Functions as an introduction to the significance of Hijar's body of knowledge; not by summarizing a record of achievements but by incorporating and mobilizing his conceptual framework through the action of translating as a cognitive entanglement. SECTION II. Presents the first English-language translation of Alberto Híjar Serrano: La Praxis Estética. Dimension Estética Libertaria [Aesthetic Praxis, The Aesthetic Dimension of Liberation] published in Mexico, 2013 by National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature–INBA. An anthology compiled by Miguel Angel Esquivel. In sum, this study articulates conceptual and concrete forms of poetic revolutionary praxes and their memory. It contributes to the recovery of what Híjar Serrano names "the other history." A knowledge that escapes the dialectical rationale and constitutes the source and power of social-revolutionary transformations in practice.en
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dc.opnRito, Carolina, Prof., Coventry University, The Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, UK
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dc.revBenfield, Dalida Maria, Dr., Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
dc.revKastner. Jens, Dr., Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute for Art and Cultural Theory, Austria
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dc.titleAesthetic Praxis In Translation - Introduction and Translation of Alberto Híjar Serrano's: Aesthetic Praxis. The Aesthetic Dimension of Liberationen
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