In Vivo Toxicological Analysis of MnFe2O4@poly(tBGE-alt-PA) Composite as a Hybrid Nanomaterial for Possible Biomedical Use

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ACS Applied Bio Materials, Volume 6, issue 3
Nanocomposites have significantly contributed to biomedical science due to less aggregation behavior and enhanced physicochemical properties. This study synthesized a MnFe2O4@poly(tBGE-alt-PA) nanocomposite for the first time and physicochemically characterized it. The obtained hybrid nanomaterial was tested in vivo for its toxicological properties before use in drug delivery, tissue engineering fields, and environmental applications. The composite was biocompatible with mouse fibroblast cells and hemocompatible with 2% RBC suspension. This nanocomposite was tested on Drosophila melanogaster due to its small size, well-sequenced genome, and low cost of testing. The larvae's crawling speed and direction were measured after feeding. No abnormal path and altered crawling pattern indicated the nonappearance of abnormal neurological disorder in the larva. The gut organ toxicity was further analyzed using DAPI and DCFH-DA dye to examine the structural anomalies. No apoptosis and necrosis were observed in the gut of the fruit fly. Next, adult flies were examined for phenotypic anomalies after their pupal phases emerged. No defects in the phenotypes, including the eye, wings, abdomen, and bristles, were found in our study. Based on these observations, the MnFe2O4@poly(tBGE-alt-PA) composite may be used for various biomedical and environmental applications.
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biocompatible, Drosophila melanogaster, genotoxicity, nanocomposite, toxicity assessment
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Kumar, R, Bauri, S, Sahu, S, Chauhan, S, Dholpuria, S, Ruokolainen, J, Kesari, K K, Mishra, M & Gupta, P K 2023, ' In Vivo Toxicological Analysis of MnFe 2 O 4 @poly(tBGE-alt-PA) Composite as a Hybrid Nanomaterial for Possible Biomedical Use ', ACS Applied Bio Materials, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 1122-1132 .