Experimental analysis of multidimensional radio channels

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Doctoral thesis (article-based)
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Helsinki University of Technology Radio Laboratory publications. Report S, 251
In this thesis new systems for radio channel measurements including space and polarization dimensions are developed for studying the radio propagation in wideband mobile communication systems. Multidimensional channel characterization is required for building channel models for new systems capable of exploiting the spatial nature of the channel. It also gives insight into the dominant propagation mechanisms in complex radio environments, where their prediction is difficult, such as urban and indoor environments. The measurement systems are based on the HUT/IDC wideband radio channel sounder, which was extended to enable real-time multiple output channel measurements at practical mobile speeds at frequencies up to 18 GHz. Two dual-polarized antenna arrays were constructed for 2 GHz, having suitable properties for characterizing the 3-D spatial radio channel at both ends of a mobile communication link. These implementations and their performance analysis are presented. The usefulness of the developed measurement systems is demonstrated by performing channel measurements at 2 GHz and analyzing the experimental data. Spatial channels of both the mobile and base stations are analyzed, as well as the double-directional channel that fully characterizes the propagation between two antennas. It is shown through sample results that spatial domain channel measurements can be used to gain knowledge on the dominant propagation mechanisms or verify the current assumptions. Also new statistical information about scatterer distribution at the mobile station in urban environment is presented based on extensive real-time measurements. The developed techniques and collected experimental data form a good basis for further comparison with existing deterministic propagation models and development of new spatial channel models.
mobile communication, radio propagation, channel sounding, multipath channels, polarization
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