Creativity in (inter)action: Exploring creativity as a collective process in Finnish organisations

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School of Business | Master's thesis
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International Design Business Management
In the current, turbulent era marked by high uncertainty and constant changes, creativity is increasingly recognised as a crucial asset for organisations. Numerous studies have already explored the individual, social and contextual factors that influence organisational creativity, individuals’ ability to generate new and relevant ideas together within a complex social setting. However, certain orientation towards individuals often persists, easily overlooking the importance of social and collective processes modern organisations rely on. This study aims to better understand the elements of organisational creativity as a collective process, stemming from the interaction rather than individuals, through investigating the experiences of organisation members. This study investigates how the interrelations between individuals influence the organisational culture of creativity and contribute to organisational creativity as a collective process. The research question is addressed in two phases. First, secondary data from surveys that outline different aspects of organisations’ culture of creativity is analysed in the light of social and contextual factors to better understand the ongoing context for creativity. Second, primary data from the semi-structured interviews conducted within a single organisation is analysed to explore the role of interactions in the organisational culture of creativity. Findings reveal that interactions and social processes have a crucial role in both organisations’ culture of creativity and organisational creativity as a collective process. Diverse networks and relationships at work, formed through interaction, both shape and are shaped by the culture of creativity which can ideally lead to a beneficial cycle. Networks and relationships also provide conducive environment for collective creativity to emerge.
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Moisander, Johanna
organisational creativity, collective creativity, interaction, relationships at work
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