Light Catcher: Design and learnings of an AR puzzle game

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Game Design and Production
This thesis presents the entire production process and learning of Light Catcher. Light Catcher is a puzzle game developed as part of this thesis. The game provides a gameplay experience of interacting with different interfaces, including a mobile phone screen and physical cards, by applying augmented reality technology. As I was dissatisfied with the fact that the core experience of existing mobile games is limited to the screen, I set up the design team of Light Catcher and decided to create a game that can provide a different gameplay experience which allows players to interact with physical objects in the real world. In the development process, I was mainly responsible for the game design of Light Catcher and the production of all art resources. The production process was divided into three parts: background research, design and development, and analysis. The purpose of the background research is to understand the feature of AR technology and explore the gameplay experience that AR technology can bring. After the background research, the team divided the design and development process into different parts based on the elements of the game system. Playtesting was also included in order to improve the user experience. After that, the analysis section proved that the result of game production reached the design goal of providing a gameplay experience that allows players to interact with a variety of physical objects in the real world. Finally, the thesis demonstrates the learning outcome of Light Catcher by stating successes and failures. I hope that people who are interested in developing AR puzzle games can gain some useful information from this thesis.
Junnila, Miikka
Thesis advisor
Junnila, Miikka
game design, augmented reality, mobile game, game, game art, game analysis