Analysis of Indoor Solutions for Provision of Indoor Coverage at 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz for 5G System

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2019 26th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT)
The 5th Generation (5G) wireless networks are envisioned to support emerging bandwidth-hungry applications. Millimeter wave (mmWave) communication has been considered as a promising solution for future capacity crunch due to large available bandwidth. However, an outdoor macrocellular layer lacks the capability of providing an adequate coverage to indoor users, especially at higher frequencies i.e. 28 GHz. Therefore, the provision of high data rates and high system capacity in an indoor environment requires a separate indoor solution. The main target of this paper is to analyze the performance of Ultra Dense Network (UDN) and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployment in an indoor (university office) environment at 1.8 GHz, 2.6 GHz, 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz frequency. This research work is conducted by performing a ray tracing simulation using a three dimensional floor plan. The obtained results show that the existing indoor solutions which are in operation at 2.6 GHz can be reused at 3.5 GHz frequency with minor power adjustment, or by using antennas with little higher gain. However, the operation at 28 GHz requires a new plan for providing good indoor coverage. Acquired results show that DAS improves the cell capacity by reducing the interference. However, the UDN provides a higher system capacity due to more number of cells. The real gain of operation at 28 GHz can only be achieved by using larger system bandwidth e.g 200 MHz band.
| openaire: EC/H2020/815191/EU//PriMO-5G
Indoor coverage, Millimeter wave, 3D Ray launching, 5G, System performance, 3.5 GHz, 28 GHz
Sheikh , M U , Ghavimi , F , Ruttik , K & Jäntti , R 2019 , Analysis of Indoor Solutions for Provision of Indoor Coverage at 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz for 5G System . in 2019 26th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT) . IEEE , pp. 340-345 , International Conference on Telecommunications , Ha Noi , Viet Nam , 08/04/2019 .