Adversarial Hamiltonian learning of quantum dots in a minimal Kitaev chain

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Physical Review Applied, Volume 20, issue 4
Determining Hamiltonian parameters from noisy experimental measurements is a key task for the control of experimental quantum systems. An interesting experimental platform where precise knowledge of device parameters is useful is the quantum-dot-based Kitaev chain. In these systems, the fine tuning of Hamiltonian parameters is crucial in order to reach the desired regime with stable midgap modes. In this work, we demonstrate an adversarial machine-learning algorithm to determine the parameters of a quantum-dot-based Kitaev chain. We train a convolutional conditional generative adversarial neural network (CCGAN) with simulated differential conductance data and use the model to predict the parameters at which Majorana bound states are predicted to appear. In particular, the CCGAN model facilitates a rapid, numerically efficient exploration of the phase diagram describing the transition between elastic co-tunneling and crossed Andreev reflection regimes. We verify the theoretical predictions of the model by applying it to experimentally measured conductance obtained from a minimal Kitaev chain consisting of two spin-polarized quantum dots coupled by a superconductor-semiconductor hybrid. Our model accurately predicts, with an average success probability of 97%, whether the measurement was taken in the elastic co-tunneling or crossed Andreev reflection-dominated regime. Our work constitutes a stepping stone towards fast, reliable parameter prediction for tuning quantum dot systems into distinct Hamiltonian regimes. Ultimately, our results yield a strategy to support Kitaev-chain tuning that is scalable to longer chains.
Other note
Koch , R , van Driel , D , Bordin , A , Lado , J & Greplova , E 2023 , ' Adversarial Hamiltonian learning of quantum dots in a minimal Kitaev chain ' , Physical Review Applied , vol. 20 , no. 4 , 044081 , pp. 1-13 .