Heterogeneous Hierarchical Self-Assembly Forming Crystalline Nanocellulose–CaCO3 Hybrid Nanoparticle Biocomposites

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Journal of composites science, Volume 7, issue 8
Nanocellulose is increasingly proposed as a sustainable raw material having strong interparticle bonding. However, cellulose alone has limited bending and impact resistance. We newly observe self-assembly between crystalline nanocellulose (CNC) and ultrafine ground chemical-free calcium carbonate nanoparticles (UGCC). The suspension displays an intrinsic gel-like state, and heterogeneous adsorption occurs under the specific conditions where Brownian motion of both species is arrested by application of ultralow shear (0.01 s−1). In contrast, simple static aging of the mixture leads to autoflocculation of each species independently. The heterogeneous adsorption results in compound particle self-assembly leading to multi-level hierarchical structures depending on relative species size and concentration ratio. Fine particles from species 1 adsorb onto the coarser complementary particles of species 2 and vice versa. Depending also on whether CNC or UGCC particles are in excess, the structural assembly occurs primarily through either CNC–CNC hydrogen bonding or CaCO3–CaCO3 autogenous flocculation, respectively. Controlling the hierarchical composite structure bonding in this way, the resulting morphology can express dual or predominantly single either mineralic or cellulosic surface properties. Novel complex hybrid biocomposite materials can therefore be produced having designable compatibility across a broad range of both natural and oil-based polymeric materials. Both CNC and UGCC are exemplified here via commercial products.
The SEM image of low-concentration suspension of CNC particles was provided by Imani Monireh, Aalto University.
cellulose–CaCO interaction, dewatering of nanocellulose, hierarchical heterogeneous self-assembly, hybrid biocomposite, nanocrystalline cellulose (CNC)
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Liukko, S, Dimic-Misic, K, Ge, Y & Gane, P 2023, ' Heterogeneous Hierarchical Self-Assembly Forming Crystalline Nanocellulose–CaCO 3 Hybrid Nanoparticle Biocomposites ', Journal of composites science, vol. 7, no. 8, 333 . https://doi.org/10.3390/jcs7080333