Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Image in the 2010s

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School of Business | Bachelor's thesis
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(Mikkeli) Bachelor’s Program in International Business
Objectives The main objective of this study was to explore the ways in which a company can maintain a corporate image as a responsible organization in the field of business. This objective was approached using two research questions; “What challenges does a company wishing to build an ethical brand image face in the 2010s?” and “With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of ethical issues, how can a company build a reputation as a sustainable and responsible player in the field of business?”. Summary The main motivation for studying this phenomenon was that creating and maintaining an ethical corporate image is, in today’s business world, considered an increasingly important issue that affects both the brand image and bottom line of a company. Therefore, exploring the causes and effects of this phenomenon would be important and produce findings that have potential to carry significant implications in the field of international business. In studying this phenomenon, my primary data was an interview I conducted with a person with long and sophisticated expertise in the field. My secondary data was literature. Conclusions The main findings of the study were that there are two main courses of action a company can take when wishing to maintain an ethical corporate image; upholding good stakeholder relations both internally and externally, as well as implementing efficient CSR policies within the company. The main implication of the study for the field of international business is that both theoretical and practical studies confirm that maintaining an ethical corporate image benefits a company significantly.
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Charles, Mirja-Liisa
corporate social responsibility, ethical business behavior, social media, public relations, social consciousness, organizational reputation, reputation management
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