Observational Implications of OJ 287’s Predicted 2022 Disk Impact in the Black Hole Binary Model

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Galaxies, Volume 11, issue 4
We present a summary of the results of the OJ 287 observational campaign, which was carried out during the 2021/2022 observational season. This season is special in the binary model because the major axis of the precessing binary happens to lie almost exactly in the plane of the accretion disc of the primary. This leads to pairs of almost identical impacts between the secondary black hole and the accretion disk in 2005 and 2022. In 2005, a special flare called “blue flash” was observed 35 days after the disk impact, which should have also been verifiable in 2022. We did observe a similar flash and were able to obtain more details of its properties. We describe this in the framework of expanding cloud models. In addition, we were able to identify the flare arising exactly at the time of the disc crossing from its photo-polarimetric and gamma-ray properties. This is an important identification, as it directly confirms the orbit model. Moreover, we saw a huge flare that lasted only one day. We may understand this as the lighting up of the jet of the secondary black hole when its Roche lobe is suddenly flooded by the gas from the primary disk. Therefore, this may be the first time we directly observed the secondary black hole in the OJ 287 binary system.
Funding Information: L.D. and A.G. acknowledge the support of the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, under project identification # RTI 4002. A.G. is grateful for the financial support and hospitality of the Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies and the University of Zurich. S.Z. acknowledge the grant NCN 2018/29/B/ST9/01793. R.H. acknowledges support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under the AHEAD2020 project (grant agreement n. 871158). Publisher Copyright: © 2023 by the authors.
accretion, accretion discs, BL Lacertae objects: individual: OJ 287, galaxies: jets, gravitational waves, quasars: supermassive black holes
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Valtonen , M J , Dey , L , Gopakumar , A , Zola , S , Lähteenmäki , A , Tornikoski , M , Gupta , A C , Pursimo , T , Knudstrup , E , Gomez , J L , Hudec , R , Jelínek , M , Štrobl , J , Berdyugin , A V , Ciprini , S , Reichart , D E , Kouprianov , V V , Matsumoto , K , Drozdz , M , Mugrauer , M , Sadun , A , Zejmo , M , Sillanpää , A , Lehto , H J , Nilsson , K , Imazawa , R & Uemura , M 2023 , ' Observational Implications of OJ 287’s Predicted 2022 Disk Impact in the Black Hole Binary Model ' , Galaxies , vol. 11 , no. 4 , 82 . https://doi.org/10.3390/galaxies11040082