Between the hands and under the eyes: everyday objects

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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This work is a collection of eight essays and a poem that explores different aspects of the hand-size objects that are constantly present in the everyday human experience. The essays are related to each other but independent at the same time, and they could be read in almost any order, functioning both as parts of a full text and small reflections on different topics. The essays in the work cover the following topics: Frequent appearance of a vase as an example object in illustrations of Plato’s cave allegory and it’s relation to what we imagine to be ordinary everyday life in ancient Greece. The importance of size of the object in relation to the size of the hand: how size reduction objectifies not only inanimate but also living beings. An example object - something that is chosen to illustrate the idea, but any other thing could take it’s place just as well - the reasons of such choices. A personal reflection on white edges often used around the stickers, and how they isolate the object depicted from the external world, at the same time turning it into a graphic sign. Telekinesis - the utopian idea of being able to interact with objects without the mediator of a hand. Promises of card magic - a small poem about the rules and reassuring certainties in card manipulation. Dichotomy between the subject and object, and the eternal fight between humans and things they have created. A personal reflection on a metal paperclip stuck on a magnetite stone in a museum of mineralogy. A still-life as a combination of objects, and a difference between intentional and accidental still-lifes. Groups of objects as a tool to convey a message, and a display of objects as a type of language. The thesis does not aim to conclude or explain, but rather to explore and wonder, as well as draw attention to signification of things that are usually considered ordinary and self explanatory.
Euro, Pia
Thesis advisor
Ryynänen, Max
everyday objects, mundane, signification, hand sized, language, subject/object dichotomy
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