A short conundrum on material waste defamiliarization and creative accessibility

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School of Arts, Design and Architecture | Master's thesis
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Master's Programme in Creative Sustainability
Over material waste, defamiliarization and creativity this thesis underlies an investigation that merges around and converges into the concept of creative accessibility. Permanently layering around alienation, value and the idea of forcing, this thesis intends to dissect How does material waste defamiliarization through artistic means catalyze creativity? Waste, in this thesis understood as trash and as everyday aesthetics, is utterly recognized as a problem thus this investigation unfolds fundamental cracks in this problematic perspective. Instead, it proposes an argumentative line that offers new lights in harmony with waste, through artistic defamiliarization as a bridge and ultimately a creative catalyst. Furthermore a departure position to delve inside the creative body through two dimensions that are permanently identified, separated and put together back and forth. One, creativity as problem solving and two, creativity as something else. The first one, rather oriented into direct usability and the second, not entirely. Moreover, although imprinted under a qualitative methodology and an artistic research method, this thesis too aims to provide significant theoretical ground. Additionally, right in between these two, the thesis analyzes three other diverse artistic projects from global creators from Finland, Italy and one from planet Earth as such. From closer distance, it all connects with the center of the artistic research, an artistic exploration for over the last five years regarding waste defamiliarization through artistic forms, giving birth to this academic artistic based approach. Also, this thesis provides a viewpoint that includes reducing waste -not solving it- and creative accessibility, all in all around either turning the ordinary into the extraordinary through mechanisms of artistic defamiliarization or through attentiveness. Both ways lead to creativity and environmental regeneration.
Jalas, Mikko
Thesis advisor
Eichhorn, Johan
waste, defamiliarization, value, creativity, alienation, resources